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Monday, January 4, 2010

were going on the road

Were taking a trip, and i don't know....... well i'm never coming back again.

I've moved all my music find to my personal blog, so if you want to keep following me check me out at my new hizhouse,

Friday, January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009, HELLO 2010!!!!

Happy New Years everybody!! keep nursing those hangovers!

So as the lights go out on 2009, we welcome in the new year of 2010.
In remembrance of the past year of in terms of music here is DJ Earworms remix of the top 25 songs according to Billboard.

Enjoy the track and lets all prosper in the new year.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A couple of covers by the Kooks

So i'm a really big fan of The Kooks. So i was happy when i stumbled across these acoustic versions of a couple of covers that they performed live on the BBC a while back.

Check them out, sorry about the slightly lousy quality.

Cheers, and enjoy

Despair in the Departure Lounge (Arctic Monkeys cover)- The Kooks DOWNLOAD

Kids (MGMT cover)- The Kooks DOWNLOAD

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First Tech Post!!!!!

alright so some exciting news for Canadian cell phone customers, finally we have another company to choose from, and not just another subsidiary of the BIG THREE.


now there are some things that they have to work out as they grow as a company, but they are truly going to shake shit up. This morning @ 10am they launched all their Toronto stores, as well as their Calgary stores.

Although there network doesn't cover all of Canada yet, hopefully this will be the case by mid-2010 (they won't have coverage though in Quebec). Right now the only "zones" that you won't be roaming in is Toronto or Calgary, so if you don't travel much then this is awesome.


Right now here are the phones that they are offering. They also are all bought outright so you don't have a contract that you are bound to.

- Blackberry Bold 9700 $450.00 OUTRIGHT!!!!!
- HTC Maple $300.00 OUTRIGHT!!!!!
- Huawei U7519 $130.00 OUTRIGHT!!!!
- Samsung Gravity 2 $120.00 OUTRIGHT!!!!



CHAT $15.00/month
-unlimited incoming texts
-unlimited wind-to-wind calling across canada
-100 province wide minutes from within a Wind Home zone (toronto, or Calgary for now)
-50 Canada/US texts from within your Wind Home zone

ALWAYS TALK $35.00/month
- unlimited province wide calling from any Wind Home zone
- unlimited incoming calls while in any Wind Home zone
- unlimited incoming texts
- unlimited wind-to-wind calling across Canada
- 50 canada/US text messages

ALWAYS SHOUT $45.00/month
- unlimited Canada wide calling from any Wind Home zone
- unlimited incoming calls while in any Wind Home zone
- unlimited incoming/outgoing text message
- unlimited wind-to-wind calling across canada
- voicemail



blackberry plans:

$10- Social blackberry- unlimited chat, email, facebook, myspace, bbm
$35- unlimited blackberry


unlimited text messaging in the US or Canada- $5
voicemail- $5

long distance:

US UNLIMITED LONG DISTANCE- $10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so far these plans are way way way way way way way way way better then anything else we have seen in canada so far.

o did i mention they are also the first company to offer a decent deal on mobile internet.

yeah you have to be in the WIND HOME zone but it's fine if you are living in toronto.

the data stick- $150.00

UNLIMITED INTERNET FOR $55.00/MONTH crazy, you know what you get for $55.00/month for internet sticks from the other guys..... shit all compared to this. A no brainer!

So to sum this up a little bit of my opinion. Yeah right now you are going to be roaming anytime you are not in Calgary or Toronto, but that is going to change as they roll the network out nation-wide. I hope this makes that WIND HOME zone disappear and change into a province-wide zone, or even better COUNTRY-WIDE ZONE!!!!!

this is definitely a company to keep your eye on. WATCH OUT ROGERS, BELL, AND TELUS.... THERE IS A NEW KID IN TOWN, AND HE'LL BE KICKING YOUR ASS SOON

Monday, December 14, 2009

Bill Cosby is GANGSTER!!!!!!!!

It's monday so i'm bringing you another post.

well it is an interesting one. The comedian Bill Cosby (yeah the old guy) has put out a rap album???????????????????? GANGSTER
yeah a rap album. Called State of Emergency.

Check it out on itunes or wherever music is sold.


Friday, December 11, 2009

WeEkEnD SuPeR PoSt: tO tIdE YoU oVeR T'iLl MoNdAy!!!!!!

Alright lets kick this super post off. Because there is a lot to go in here.


First off my boy Illicit hit me up with his song of the year from my boy Gucci Mane!!!!! who if you haven't heard of him, o my god!!!!!! Where have you been!!!! Check the videos for "Wasted" and "Superstar" from his CD which is available on iTunes now!!!!!



Illicit knows what he is talking about for sure, we are all waiting for his debut single remix of "White Friends" by the title of "I Got Hot Friends", something to look forward to in '010 (Yeah that's right '010 not 2010).

Also check out the video to Ludacris's new song "How Low". If your rocking some $12.00 ear buds or a $100,000 system crank that bass setting to 11 and watch the widows shatter. AWESOME!!!!!!!

Chopped n' Screwed Edition



Thursday, December 10, 2009

on the last day of awesome I had to bring you a safe track

So over the last 7 days i've received some traffic to my site, enough to actually start sparking people to my going's on. so unfortunately one of my post was flagged by the copyright people, and the track pulled from my 4shared account, anyway, keep moving on. even though it was a ReMiX!!!!!!!!!!

So here's a crooker's v.s. Justice v.s. Busy P MASH UP...... FAv line " To protect and entertain, and party with trust, them other DJ's AIN'T fucking with us!!!!!!!.... From Paris To L.A. and cash an' trust....." take that the man.